Rock & Release

Summer Love series #1
ISBN-10: 1507530846
ISBN-13: 978-1507530849
ISBN (ebook): 9780986213045

Cassidy Evans is looking for an escape over her college summer break. And when one night with a few too many martinis leads her to sexy guitarist, Gage Logan, she may have found exactly that.

He's hot and he's sweet and in the bedroom he's enough to make Cassidy forget her own name. Multiple times. But as her heart opens to Gage, feelings she's been trying to avoid slip through, too. Regret over her rocky relationship with her parents. Pain from her brother's recent death. Guilt over a fallout with her best friend… As much as she craves Gage, she can't unlock her heart the way she feels he deserves.

Enter Luca James, international rock star and lead singer for Gold Rush Standard. Cassidy can't stand his music. She can't stand his arrogance. And, when he sets his sights on more than the drinks she serves him, she especially can't stand how she's drawn to his no-strings-attached flirting.

Soon Cassidy will have to make a choice: ignore her heart and go after the carefree life she covets, or stand strong to face a bittersweet reality. Either way, she risks losing everything she truly wants.

Originally released as a three-act serial (VIP, Starstruck, & Show Stopper).

Read an Excerpt:

Then Teagan's yelling at me, and I'm laughing again, but I don't know why. Maybe because she's got some freaking nerve to be the one yelling. She comes toward me, grabbing my arm and trying to drag me away. I yank myself from her grasp, and Gage holds my hand and tells her, way more politely than I would have, to calm down. She sneers at him and tells me I'm being dumb, and Vera appears, asking if everything's okay, and I decide on the spot, "I'm staying with Vera tonight, Teagan. You should just go."

      A moment passes before Vera lifts a shoulder, as if to say sure, why not? Teagan gives her a dirty look and there's more yelling, mostly at me, and Jared arrives, telling her to leave—so she does, furious. There's some conversation about it all with Vera and Jared… And another drink. Or two. And Gage is giving me water and I'm spilling half of it on the ground and then time's flashing forward somehow and it's back to just me and Gage, and I'm wrapping my hands around his neck, dragging his face back toward mine. He protests again, but I lick the words from his mouth, and he lets me.

      And he lets me.

      And he lets me.

Later there's more laughter and more people whose names I immediately forget and I never make it out of the patio to see Demi Jade on stage.

      There's a cab ride.

      A door unlocked.

      A wall at my back and Gage's hands under my shirt, strumming my skin again until I can't keep quiet.

      Another door opens and then closes behind us. I whisper what I want to do.

      And he lets me.

      And he lets me.